Modular e-mail templates for supermarket e-commerce eCRM.


Morrisons Supermarket



My role

  • Front End Build

  • CMS Intergration

  • Cross Browser / Device Testing

Tech used

  • HTML

  • CSS / SCSS

  • Custom CMS

Building visually appealing e-mails can be tricky. Rendering bugs are common, and testing is time consuming. We want to give our designers creative freedom, but need to acknowledge limitations of the format.

Layout modules have to be rigorously tested on every mobile device before handing over to the client. Sending out broken marketing emails can damage a company's reputation.


The challenge

Morrisons supermarket needed an email template which was flexible enough to fulfil their eCRM ambitions. Whether it was alerting customers to an instore event or sending an order confirmation, the client needed to communicate a variety messages to their customers.

The solution

Working with our design team, I built a suite of layout modules, intended to be assembled by the client’s in-house team into a template within their content management system. The client selects the modules needed to build their layout, then adds their content. The result is a responsive HTML email which can convey any message the client wishes. Every HTML email produced is built to render consistently across all supported mobile devices and email applications.