Royal Navy &
Royal Air Force

New Recruit onboarding forms.


  • Fully responsive, pixel perfection across all devices.
  • Dynamic content for personalisation and targetted marketing.
  • Built as a suite of blocks to be assembled and deployed by a custom CMS.

Tech used

HTMLSCSSRazor TemplatesASP.NET Web Forms
MOD Forms
MOD Forms

The challenge

With the modern ubiquity of mobile devices, most young people looking to join the military will access the recruitment website using a smart phone. To meet their user’s needs, the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force needed to update their aging registration website to make it compatible with modern mobile devices.

The solution

To accomplish this, I built a completely new, fully responsive user interface on top of the existing back-end solution. The resulting website provides potential recruits with an improved user flow, reducing the effort required to complete the lengthy form. The website is highly usable and performs well across all modern desktop and mobile devices.